Drawing From Description: Malik

Hello again, how are you? Ok, today I will be sharing a sketch walkthrough of one of my commissioned works. This was a sketch from a description of the character owner.

Here are the descriptions given:

Name: Malik
Age: Early 20s
Body type: Somewhat thin
Eye color: Dark eyes, somewhere between black and brown.
Hair color: Black
Hair type: Long, down to his neck. Kind of scraggly and messy, like he hasn’t been washing it. (Near either side of his face, the hair is more wiry and falls in strands)
Features: Dark circles under his eyes, like he hasn’t been sleeping.
Clothing: Dress shirt unbuttoned at the top, tie that is pulled down a little/slightly undone, however you’d like to word it. Dress pants and shoes.
Expression: Cold/tired. His sanity isn’t all there, he’s starting to break.
Accessories: Two small gold hoop earrings on his right ear (this is negligible, however)

Optional: I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could have him holding up one hand with a flame in it. I realize this might be difficult to do in a sketch though so if it proves to not be possible, then don’t worry about it.

So after knowing it, I then started working.

Ok, here’s what I do before committing to a specific pose. I do these in some of my drawings.

1. First, I made few really quick thumbnails about a couple of  seconds each. Then I choose which one I’ll have for my sketch. The ones encircled in red are the ones I picked to be the pose of the sketch.

The First pick are the lower limbs and the 2nd one is the upper part of the body.

2. Here I started drawing the details of the character in a loose way.

Note: Whenever I draw characters with thin bodies I usually don’t pay much attention to muscles for in most cases they aren’t that visible.

3. Here I cleaned the lines and did some more detailing of the character. I also added the background rocks for him to lean on.

Malik - drawing from description given

4.  Here I shaded the dark areas and to give more values, I decided to give this piece a monochromatic shading to at least give the art more life.

Since this is just a sketch commission, the process ended here.

Thanks again, for viewing this sketch walkthrough. If you have some critics or suggestions for this work I would gladly hear them. Until next time! ^^,

Commission Information here: Commission Prices

Character is owned by :Ernie

Incoming search terms:

  • drawing from description

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